Welcome to the Skunkamonka Clan Wiki

This wikia will show my clan information from the game Clash of Clans. CURRENT SCORE OF CLAN WAR: 42-24 (8 hours left)


This wikia just shows
IMG 1752

Jun 26, 2014 clan screen

what is in my clan, and also if anyone is interested in joining my clan they can.


Skunkamonka (Level 75, Leader)

minduim (Level 93, Co Leader)

JacqueFields (Level 51, Co Leader)

Varzgani (Level 54, Co Leader)

DadAFlump (Level 65, Co Leader)

Humpamunka (Level 53, Co Leader)

Skunkamonka jr. (Level 57, Co Leader)

target (Level 56, Co Leader)

kingleah (Level 58, Co Leader)